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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  August 22, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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attack. >> he then head butted the male. in addition to the dog fight he wanted to have happen he assaulted the dog owner. >> reporter: i knocked on his door today, there was no sign of jason or his dog brandon who lives a few doors down was walking his dog today and had heard what happened. >> yeah most dogs supposed to be on a leash, even pit bulls. you know, most people are responsible for their own dogs . >> very soon exceptions, for the most part it's going to fall under county code. >> reporter: that is something the suspect should know. he served as a police officer until he left in 2011. this time he is on the other side of the law facing four charges including second degree assault and animal cruelty. in pasadena. don harrison. >> he was released this
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morning from the detention center. >> a man alepine was nearly taken off at a construction site. he was hit by heavy equipment. the man was taken to shock trauma. he is expected to survive. investigators are trying to put together what happened here. a 16-year-old shot last night, it happened in the 5900 block of robin dale road. the teen was shot once in the arm. his injuries are believed to be nonlife threatening. detectives don't believe the shooting is related to two others from earlier in the week and say the community is not in danger. detectives asking for your help. if you have information call the police >> we have been warning you we could see rain. want to check in with wyatt who is track that pocket of the forecast. watch out for the ravens. >> i think not. we are looking all right. there are be a few more showers over here. queen anne and into delaware on
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parts of the eastern shore. we come out wider, you see that cluster of thunderstorm action was never quite that severe. now moving out of state into delaware and not a lot of new action, just a couple isolated showers w relooking good for the game. passing cloud cover but generally fair weather clouds, it'll be warm downtown. we are still 91, that real feel temperature, heat and humidity. feels like 89 in belaire and 90 in the state capitol. it's a warm august evening. football forecast around 85. the kickoff stays humid with a west breeze. go ravens. >> all right. new, a woman said she was sexually assaulted earlier this summer in a condo. a group of people were drinking back on june the 7th when the victim fell asleep. that's when she said louis calderon assauld her. the 25-year-old is charged with sex offenses and assault. the united states county
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wants sexual assault training to be part of regular academic work. beginning the spring semest er it'll be part of every midship man's core training. right now football players are waiting for trial on assaulting a female midship man. >> ayodele gate wants to change a law to help you better protect yourself, he said the state's current duty to retreat law doesn't go far enough. he wants to replace it with a stand your ground law. >> there have been problems with this law, for example victims getting sued by suspects and prosecuted for standing their ground in their own home or place of business. >> stand your ground laws give people permission to use deadly force to defend themselves. opponents say the laws gives people to much freedom. florida's law played a key role in the martin case. he was convicted and sentenced with the name bradley
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manning but he wants to be known as chelsea. he made that announcement today saying he wants to live as a woman and wants to start hormone treatment in jail. the army said it doesn't provide that treatment. >> as you take your children back to class we are working for you, alerting you to the change in the price of school lunches. public schoolers will now pay $3 for a meal in the cafeteria. that's an increase of 65-cents and 45 in high schools. students who families get food stamps automatically qualify. and students in baltimore have a new place to study on sunday. all county public libraries will be open sunday year round. hours and staff are also going to extend at the lock haven library. >> the president is trying to help students and parents who worry about the cost of college. he is on a two day bus tour focusing on how to make higher education more affordable.
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the president wants to start rating colleges based on financial value. the white house said the ranking system will come from the departments of education. he also wants to see a pay as you earn system to cover the cost of tuition. he said student aid should be tied to academic progress. >> we are going to make sure students who receive federal financial aid complete their courses before receiving grants for the next semester. >> few republicans saying that its government over reach. they say instead of a government rating system there should be a state by state approach >> integrity, values in one way of playing baseball. >> how kids are learning those life lessons on the field. >> and if you want to be at camden to cheer on the orioles you have to act now. what you can do tonight. . >> weather wise, 91 warm degrees at pwi.
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normal at just 85, only eight degrees off the all time record. we guarantee 88, three degrees, we will try again tomorrow will we get hot again next week?
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. you're watching the station that works for you. now, abc 2news at six. >> let's go, here is why it's line up. he is going for -- there he is going over [inaudible] and then at armadillo's. he is going to rams head too. we will have a look at the most accurate forecast in act three and a half minutes. >> going to be a busy man.
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think of putting outs a net in hopes of catching a big one and catching this big one. they need aid forklift to show off the catch. two bull sharks. they are more than eight feet long and way over 200 pounds. they say they found them in a huge fish trap called a pound net. >> we pulled up and we started to pull it up and there they were. >> maybe bit off more than we could chew. >> i could say so. bull sharks can be found in the bay and rivers every year but there aren't any shark attacks on the record books. >> sneak peek look inside the poker room at maryland live. there you go. yeah. stay, stay. the two story edition has 52 poker tables where they will start dealing cards format noon. maryland live is teaming up to host poker tournaments in the new space and coming up next month they will hold satellite
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tournaments for the 2013ppc world championship. for the second year we had a crack at buying playoff tickets. they will send out invoices to season ticket holders. >> make sure you don't miss out the excitement we all experienced last year the best way is to be a season play holder for 2014 and you have access to these postseason tickets. >> if you want them for 2014 you buy them and you get a >> k at this year's playoffs. >> 200 campers spent the summer learning how to play baseball. fred. >> reporter: at ripk. >>announcer: n stadium the teaching never stops. >> we gave them all the equipment and material, uniform, shirts, pants, everything. they get to learn everything
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we get some returning kids that come back and they want to be leaders when they get back. >> reporter: kids like jasmine who has only been in two games his his entire life. >> well, teaches me discipline >> reporter: the camp is also good for learning about fundamentals like this four square give and go drill. being away at camp for the first time still leaves some a little home sick. >> i to my mother, father because we are doing a lot of stuff and i -- like we get in our cabin and stuff that's the only time i get to talk to them. that's only thing about it. >> reporter: despite not getting to talk to mom and dad as much as she may like. >> i have seen her grow from the point where she didn't want to come to now she doesn't want
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to go. she is just -- you know excited over being here. she is out here every time. >> cool stuff. it's donor day there. the foundation invited their donors to see what their money is paying for. they have kid from 11 different states. they learned team work and life skills. though the camp has a baseball background the coaches say it's more than just the ball basics. they took a chance to say thank you to the donors as well. they had a good time learning police and other community leaders as well. >> now, from abc2, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> continuing to watch the radar carefully this evening with a big game downtown and everything else. looks like things will clear out nicely. just a little lingering rain, out in western maryland a line
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of some shower activities. even this is fizzling out. i think we will sit dry for most of the rest of the night. maybe a passing shower, certainly we could even in to the daybreak hours tomorrow morning, that's that. we will clear things right now. storm shield, always great to have if any severe storms happen you will know based on your zip code or gps. check out storm shield sunny early and then the clouds battling their way back. we anticipated more widespread showers today. just never got going. we got the cloud cover and we had a couple of passing showers, mainly just north of the river, over into northeast corner of the state toward cecilton. overo land -- for basically this side hartford, not much rain. right now we have 87 degrees. winds are west at 12. sunset gets ever earlier.
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7:52 now. won't belong before it'll be down by a quarter of eight. day planner tomorrow, not a bad day to be on the water bay water temperature around 80 create. warm as it gets all year. the winds are out of the west and that's important. the winds have turned westerly. that will give you a bit of a break down at the stadium and will eventually start to knock down the humidity. we see the numbers dropping humidity wise down into the 50s and so this will feel a lot more comfortable by this time tomorrow night. give it 24 hours, you will walk outside and say where did the humidity go. great travel weather on friday wherever your weekend plans take you. looks outstanding for saturday or sunday. it'll be a good one. no tropical threats, no big rain threats. that's an improvement. good for the concert too. scattered showers up into cleveland. that's where the front is
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hanging out. this cool front that's lining up in the great lakes right now. this is a boundary that will eventually skirt through and start to bring in that dryer, mildler air, it'll take another 24 hours. today we were advertising the pop up shower activity that can flare up ahead of the font. we can't see much of that action, at least not here and temperatures, up in the low 80's to mid80's. look at this, tomorrow night and saturday morning, the cool air funneling in behind that front. 60s and 50s the next several nights behind that boundary. tropics relatively quiet. we have one system off florida here. it doesn't have a lot of room to run before it's going to run out of ocean water here. it looks impressive, look at the wrap over florida, could briefly make depressions or a weak tropical storm but not a lot of room. tonight down to 68, tomorrow into the day 86, isolated morning shower at most and then dry through the day. dry tomorrow night.
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cool, dry for the weekend. refreshing, mild, we have to love it. warm in to the early middle part of ne week and then we will see temperatures maybe crank up for tuesday. done with the hot days, maybe a few more left in the tank. >> i don't like when he says refreshing, that's my dad's code word for cold. how is the pool? refreshing. >> it's cold. >> world news next at 6:30 -- sorry. we are doing something else. we will show you some cool pictures, throw back thursday. >> here are a couple. this one, this had to be recorded 58, 59. that's on your left jackie gleason and away we go and johnny doing a little --. >> check that out. >> so, look at that shot. then show you this one. this is from the 1976 we had election night coverage. the first man right there with the glasses, tommy, former
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mayor. george collinses one of the great reporters and then one of the great anchors, george rogers right there doing election coverage. >> old school wmar. >> all found by kevin in the basement. putting them on file. >> neat. >> documenting our history . >> very cool. >> now world news is next. >> here is what you will see. >> forget the sports illustrated curse. why chris davis is jinxing the jinx and the battle for first place at the fair.
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. now here is a look at what you will see on the news at 11. sat's, college applications, finally your high school can be the most expense. tips to help you budget now. >> and going back to school can be stressful for the little ones, worrying about new teachers, we will tell you how to help. coming up tonight. > pretty stress free for the ravens game. >> we thought possibly showers around this morning but things look like they will clear out nicely. stays humid and the west breeze at five to 15, maybe testing a
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few of those long field goals especially with the back up kicker. take a look at the forecast. low 80's into the weekend. sunny, cool night. >> refreshing. refreshing. >> all right. thank you for joining us. we will see you tonight at 11.
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this is "world news." tonight out of control, how to stop the wildfire now threatening one of america's great national parks tripling in size, burning in three directions tonight. we're live at yos semty. the breaking news, the stunning numbers on syria, how many people might have been attacked with chemical weapons and what the fbi director is telling abc news about americans in syria. are they a new threat to our homeland. text messages, the teenager abducted and rescued from the woods revealing what was in those messages and letters she
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exchanged with her kidnapper. vanished. watch these trees tonight disappear before our eyes. is massive sink hole in one american community, what caused it and where it could happen next. >> good evening. diane is off on this thursday night. we do begin with an american treasure threatened pie that fierce and growing wildfire tonight. yosemite park. this is the screen on the ground. the ancient sequoias, fire trucks rushing through valleys of fire and just listen tonight. the sound of that wildfire raging out of control, hundreds of firefighters now deployed. new evacuations under way. that fire one of at least 50 burning in the west tonight.
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where yosemite is declaring a state of emergency. neal karlinsky is on the front lines for us and he leads us off tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening from the south side of this fire. these are not clouds behind me. this is smoke. you can get a sense of the scope and size of this fire. the plume shooting up there and the fire builds up and gets smaller again. as the fire is fought mainly by the air. at the yosemite rose bed and breakfast built for the thousands who flock to its untouched beauty each year, they're making their last stand. the fire is coming over the hill straight at them and the owner in his bulldozer is making plans with the fire team. >> give me the signal and i can make lapse around the house without a problem. >> reporter: just down the road this man has another fire team at his house, staring down an intense aerial fire fight to stop the flames before they burn
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through his property. >> are you sticking here throughout? >> absolutely. protect what i can as long as i can. >> reporter: the wind has caused rapidly changing conditions as we found out first hand. it shot up again, the flames did. while shooting this material in the fire zone -- whoa! a chunk of flaming tree big enough to seriously hurt someone fell near our car. it's unusually bad right now i know though the wildfire numbers are down nationwide. they're way up in california where there have been nearly 40 percent more fires than last year. hundreds more caused by lightning within just days. we found homeowners packed up, ready to leave if they have to. >> if we lose it all, we have a great insurance policy, so. >> hopefully it won't come to that. >> we'll start all over again. >> reporter: the fire is not threatening anymore homes right now but its continuing to grow. it has tripled in size since yesterday. they've's t


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